Corrective Exercise

One common treatment method used by Aqui Chiropractic Clinic LLC in Bartow is the method of corrective exercises. These exercises offer some immediate benefits that aid in pain management, which is what brings many people to visit Dr. Alex Aqui in the first place. They also provide quite a few unintended benefits as well. These are some of the benefits you may experience when you practice the corrective exercises Dr. Aqui teaches.


Improved Posture

Corrective exercises are not simply temporary exercises to help you overcome an injury. They are activities that retrain your body to support proper alignment and posture when working, playing, and going about your day. This is sometimes an unintended benefit for people who are simply seeking pain relief from injuries and ailments. It can, however, help to prevent further injuries by promoting better posture, strengthening your core, and help you to maintain the alignment your body requires to heal itself.

Boosts Circulation

Circulation is something many of us take completely for granted. Dr. Alex Aqui understands how vitally important circulation is to your overall good health as well as your body’s ability to heal itself. Many corrective exercises are designed specifically to improve blood flow, which in turn boosts circulation to the far reaches of your body.

Not only does oxygen-rich blood reach these locations, thanks to these exercises, but important nutrients (vitamins and minerals) can do so as well. As far as promoting healing for injured muscles, joints, and discs, and nerves, there is little better you can do than to get the blood flowing to the places that need relief most.

Strengthens Your Core

While some people only think of this in terms of building muscle, the truth is far more important. Corrective exercise not only helps you build your strength but also help you build flexibility and endurance. All these things work together to help your body operate more efficiently. In other words, practicing your prescribed corrective exercises can help you prevent additional injuries down the road and may even help you perform better on the athletic field, on the job, and doing simple chores around the house.

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Far too many people only see a need to visit a chiropractor as a reactive method of treatment rather than the preventative treatment option it happens to be. Take the time now to call Aqui Chiropractic Clinic in Bartow to learn more about corrective exercises and how they can help you accomplish more, prevent injuries, and promote injuries from within.