Plantar Fasciitis

If you have pain in your feet, there could be several causes. One cause is a condition called plantar fasciitis. This common condition can cause much pain and difficulty in daily tasks. However, there are ways to get treatment and pain relief by getting chiropractic care. There are also exercises you can do, and massage can also help. When you need treatment for your foot condition, call us at Aqui Chiropractic Clinic LLC in Bartow, FL, to make your appointment with the chiropractor. Read below to understand more about plantar fasciitis.


What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

This condition affects a specific part of the foot. Feet have a thick tissue on the underside, connecting the tows to the heel bone. When there is inflammation of this tissue, this can cause a lot of pain for the sufferer. People with plantar fasciitis often report the worst pain when they get up for the day and take their first steps. The pain lessens as you walk around, but it can return after you have spent some time sitting or standing up and starting to walk again.

Plantar fasciitis tends to be chronic pain, and it can cause disruptions to your daily life. Many things become harder to do because of your foot pain. For example, many people with this condition walk differently because of the pain, which can cause knee and back issues. When patients have plantar fasciitis, they need chiropractic care for pain relief.

Common Causes of Plantar Fasciitis

We don't yet understand the exact causes of plantar fasciitis, but we have learned a lot about it over the past few years. The problem occurs when the plantar fascia has tension or stress. This tissue is located on the bottom of the foot, supporting your arches, and absorbs shock when you walk. This band of tissue can become inflamed from several causes. It often happens that this band of tissue develops tiny tears. Walking then further stretches and tears the tissue, and this causes inflammation. Many risk factors can mean you're prone to developing this condition. If you are age 40 through 60, it's more common. It is also more common among those who do aerobics, run regularly, or engage in ballet.

Get Chiropractic Care

Many chiropractic methods can help you with treatment and pain relief. Call us at Aqui Chiropractic Clinic LLC in Bartow, FL, to see a chiropractor. In addition, you can contact our chiropractic center at (863) 534-3288 to schedule an appointment. We will assist you to the best of our ability, contact us today!