Sport Injury

How Chiropractors Prevent Sports Injuries

Athletes put their bodies through high-risk situations on the field of play that often results in a painful tear, sprain or strain of their muscles and tendons. A chiropractor can assist with treating sports injuries and more importantly prevent them from happening in the first place.


To achieve this, get examined by the staff of Aqui Chiropractic Clinic of Bartow, FL as they will check for any imbalance and alleviate any tension within your body. This action guarantees you to play more naturally rather than being stiff and prone to injury. 

Chiropractors are trained to make simple adjustments to your spine, which ensures your bones are lined up and balanced. This procedure allows athletes to function (run, jump and physical contact) better and withstand the rigors of their sport. Thus, becoming less susceptible to sustaining an injury. 

Regular Chiropractic Visits are Key to Preventing Sports Injuries

Most chiropractic techniques are able to restore an athlete's joint function by reducing pain and inflammation in the targeted area. The top stars of professional sports hire their own chiropractors for weekly visits in order to promote quicker recovery time from the wear-and-tear of game action. 

Regular chiropractic visits are key to preventing sports injuries from occurring. A personal chiropractor already has documentation from a previous structural body exam, which allows them to immediately treat any questionable areas of concern such as the back, extremities, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Their understanding of your body helps to gain a faster route towards healing any potential injuries. 

What is Spinal Manipulation and Mobilization

Most chiropractors incorporate two courses of (spinal manipulation and spinal mobilization) treatment to relieve pain from an athlete's body. A spinal manipulation session consists of being placed in different stretching positions that rejuvenate a painful joint back to health. It's done by releasing pressure from the area as a chiropractor will align the other muscles and joints to rotate in a normal manner. 

Spinal mobilization is a technique used by most chiropractors for patients in a more painful state. They may use a rolling pin and simple stretching routines in order to restore motion back in the region. A patient may hear an audible cracking noise during each chiropractic treatment session. It's important for weekend warriors to get a regular body examination by a chiropractor who will discuss which form of treatment is best to prevent sports injuries from occurring. 

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If you're experiencing any pain from a current or previous sports injury, then head over to Aqui Chiropractic Clinic. A staff member will examine and evaluate your body's current condition. They will recommend a course of treatment that fits within your own personal goals. Plus, keep your body performing at full capacity. For more information, schedule an appointment today.