Osteoarthritis and Chiropractic Care from Our Chiropractor for Joint Pain Relief

Osteoarthritis is an arthritis condition that affects many people today. Consider chiropractic treatment from us at Aqui Chiropractic Clinic LLC in Bartow, FL. 


Joint Pain

Joint pain is highly associated with osteoarthritis. That's why you should be aware of chronic joint pain problems if you think you might have arthritis. This condition might lead to swelling and tenderness in the affected joints. This can make moving or performing daily tasks difficult, such as brushing your teeth or getting dressed. With joint pain relief treatment, you may be able to help manage your discomfort and start to feel better.

Joint Stiffness

Joint stiffness could signify that you may be developing osteoarthritis. This can be concerning when you first notice it and it might make activities, such as sports, harder to do. Chiropractic care may be able to help you loosen up your joints and potentially help you to overcome these obstacles.

Limited Range of Motion

Your range of motion will be affected by osteoarthritis. This means you may be unable to quickly move your joints through their full range of motion or even complete everyday tasks, such as reaching for something on a shelf. You can seek assistance from our chiropractor to help improve your range of motion and to potentially help eliminate joint pain. 

Swelling around Joints

As cartilage between bones wears away, you may notice swelling around your joints. The swelling can be painful and make it difficult to move the joint. Our chiropractor may be able to offer helpful insight into the most appropriate treatment approach. 

Grating Sensation

Osteoarthritis is known to cause a grating sensation during movements. Your bones will rub against each other when your cartilage is worn out. This can be uncomfortable and cause a noticeable cracking sound in the joint.

Lower Back Pain

Chronic back and hip pain might be signs of other medical conditions. They could also be symptoms of osteoarthritis. Corrective exercises and chiropractic care may help provide some relief and may help improve your mobility.

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At Aqui Chiropractic Clinic LLC in Bartow, FL, we offer chiropractic care to help you manage your osteoarthritis symptoms and help improve your overall well-being. Schedule an appointment with us to discover how we may be able to help you manage your condition better. Call us at (863) 534-3288 to help get joint pain relief from osteoarthritis with chiropractic care from our chiropractor.