Work Injuries

Work injuries can range from mild to severe. They have the potential to impair your ability to perform some physical activities or engage in social activities. It is essential to understand the different types of injuries to prevent and get treatment for them.


One of the best treatment approaches you should consider is chiropractic care. In Bartow, you can get chiropractor work injury treatment from Dr. Alex Aqui of Aqui Chiropractic Clinic LLC. We offer patients various services, including sports injury care, auto injury care, work injury care, and more.

What Are Some Common Types of Work Injuries?

1. Trips, Slips, and Falls

Some work environments have obstacles on the ground that could trip those on the premises and cause injury. Other environments have wet surfaces and increase the risks of slips and injuries. Falls are also a common occurrence, especially with people who work in jobs that need height elevation. Items can again fall on you at work, and this calls for proper storage of equipment.

2. Muscle Strains

Physical work increases the risk of muscle strains. The most common injuries related to muscle strains are neck and back pains. Every year, Americans spend $85 billion to address back pain problems.

3. Crushes and Collisions

Crashes and collisions are associated with motor vehicles and carts. They can cause severe or even fatal injuries. Thus, it is essential to observe all safety precautions, such as using safety belts, obeying traffic rules, and more.

4. Repetitive Strain Injury

A repetitive strain injury is another common workplace injury. It occurs when your joints move repetitively over extended periods. A common cause includes the regular use of a manual keyboard. You can prevent repetitive strain injuries by taking breaks and ergonomic equipment to ease the strain.

5. Inhaling Toxic Fumes

Some of us work with hazardous chemicals. They are prone to inhaling toxic chemicals or coming into contact with them. Such chemicals can cause severe injuries or fatalities. You need to use the proper safety gear and equipment. It is also essential to follow safety instructions to prevent injury.

6. Cuts and Lacerations

Cuts and lacerations are also common. The injuries can come from large equipment like saws and small ones like paper clips and trimmers. It is important to get proper training, use the appropriate safety gear, and follow the safety guidelines to avoid these injuries.

7. Fire and Explosions

Fires can also occur at work. Explosions happen when dealing with explosive material. It is essential to observe all the fire safety procedures, practice response techniques, and get the right safety equipment.

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