What to Know About Cupping Provided by a Bartow, FL, Chiropractor 

In today's world, many of the medications and treatments available cause negative side effects. Therefore, more and more individuals are looking toward holistic treatments, and one of those is cupping. At Aqui Chiropractic Clinic, LLC, serving Bartow, FL, and the nearby region, our chiropractor, Dr. Alex Aqui, offers this treatment but wants patients to understand the process thoroughly before deciding to try this therapy. 


General Information About Cupping 

Cupping is a therapy that originated in China and consists of placing cups that suction a person's skin. The suction is said to encourage circulation to promote healing. It's also said to promote the flow of qi -- the energy in a person's body. 

The suctioning effect of cupping may ease muscle tension and improve circulation. Additionally, it may have a positive effect on cellular repair and the formation of new connective tissue.

Dr. Alex Aqui may recommend cupping if you have acute or chronic soreness.  

What to Expect During a Cupping Session

During a cupping session, our practitioner will prepare a round, glass cup and place it on your skin. Typically, a patient needs more than one cup to receive the optimal benefits. 

The cups have a vacuum-like effect that pulls the muscles and skin toward the cup. The suction places pressure on the blood vessels, which in return, might encourage circulation throughout the area.  

Generally, the cups remain in place for between five to 10 minutes before the practitioner removes them. 

Possible Side Effects

Generally, cupping doesn't cause many side effects in a majority of patients. A patient may notice that his or her skin is red or has some bruising. This is only temporary and will subside over time. Although it's not common, a patient may feel lightheaded or dizzy after a treatment. 

Infection can occur after cupping, but our practitioner takes the necessary steps to prevent infection as much as possible. For instance, the cups are sterilized, and your skin is thoroughly cleansed before the procedure. Additionally, our practitioner wears gloves. 

Who Shouldn't Have Cupping Done

Although cupping is safe for most people, we don't recommend it for everyone. For instance, we only use it on children over the age of four and only advise parents to have their older children have the treatments for a short period of time. 

Since seniors' skin becomes delicate with age and certain medications can interfere, we don't usually perform cupping on individuals who are 65 or older. 

Pregnant women may use cupping but not on their lower back or abdomen. 

We also don't perform cupping on women who are menstruating or those who take a blood thinner or who has a wound, ulcer, sunburn, or internal organ disorder. 

Schedule an appointment to see if cupping can help with your pain and discomfort by calling Aqui Chiropractic Clinic, LLC, serving Bartow, FL, and the general vicinity, at 863-534-3288.